The African American Marriage and Family Counseling Ministry is sponsored by City Ministry as an outreach to African American couples and families. We are dedicated to helping preserve and strengthen the nature of the Black family.

Facts about the Black family

In 1950, 17 percent of Black children lived in a home with their mother but not their father. By 2010 that had increased to 50 percent. In 1965, eight percent of childbirths in the Black community occurred among unmarried women. In 2010 that figure was 41 percent. The number of Black women married and living with their spouse was recorded as 53 percent in 1950. By 2010, it had dropped to 25 percent.

Overall, Black children are three times more likely than white children to grow up in poverty - 67 percent of African-American children grow up in poverty compared to 19 percent of white children.

Myths about the Black family

There are many myths about Black families and especially about Black men that are simply not true.

  • Black men do not want to support their children
  • Black women have babies to stay on welfare
  • Black children are born criminals
  • Black couple would rather live together